[UPDATE] AppSync Unified 100.0 — Supports iOS 14.7/14.7.1

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The iPhone is one of the most anticipated smartphones that attracts the eyes of millions of people during a new launch. The reason for this is Apple’s policy to always give the best to their customers. The main reason behind the popularity of iPhone device is quality and security. Thanks to its secure and user-friendly interface, it enables the user to perform their daily operation easily. Due to its strict software policy, modifying an iOS device is quite difficult, unlike Android operating system. But still, Apple always back iOS developer to create new modules under its secure environment.

AppSync Unified 6.1 Electra Jailbreak Update

Jailbreak is the process to remove restriction from any iOS device. Getting engaging with jailbreak iOS device, you can easily control the restricted functions. The process of jailbreak is similar to root is Android OS where you will get system level permissions. There are various tools available on the web that allows the user to easy jailbreak any iOS device. Once the use jailbreaks an iOS device, the Cydia app will automatically install on jailbreak device.

Cydia is similar to App Store package manager app that contains loads of third-party application designed by developers. Those who are facing issues on Cydia after electra jailbreak update should check this article to fix it, Fix Cydia Error After APT Update On iOS 11 / 11.1.2 Electra Jailbreak [Solution].

What is AppSync Unified?

AppSync Unified is a Cydia tweak that allows the user to install the fake signature package on iPhone device. This powerful application is developed by AngelXwind for iOS devices. AppSync unified is a great way for developers who are looking to install unverified IPAs for testing. Engaging with this Cydia tweak, any unregistered Apple developer can install their unverified application on Jailbroken iOS device.

There are no other ways to test unsigned application on the iOS device. AppSync Unified overcome such restrictions and make such things easier for any developer. If any developer doesn’t have enough money to pay Apple for registration then, try AppSync Unified.

Updated Topic:

[*Fixed] “Sub-process returned an error code (100) in Electra iOS 11.1.2/11.2 Jailbreak.

What’s New in AppSync Unified 6.1?

Since iOS 3 version, AppSync Unified is a great tool for developers to install unsigned apps. The developer of this Cydia tweak provides regular updates after every software launch to optimize the app for all devices.  The latest version of AppSync Unified is also compatible with iOS 11 and ARM 64 architecture support. Now, AppSync Unified Tweak is fully supported with Electra jailbreak devices. In the latest version 6.1, it also fixes “asu_inject” that force it to run on only 32-bit devices.

Supported iOS versions

Basically, it is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Some iOS versions that are supported by AppSync are 11.0 to 11.1.2, iOS 11.2, iOS 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and iOS 10.

Is it possible to use AppSync Unified Without Jailbreak or Cydia?

Most of the users especially developers want to install AppSync Unified on iOS device without Cydia package manager application. Though, it is possible to use AppSync Unified without Cydia. Using it on a device that is not jailbroken is quite impossible for now. You must have a device with system level permissions to install this application on the iOS device. Also try this alternative application for AppSync: AppValley iOS Apps Store.

Requirements to use AppSync Unified 6.1 Updated

  • 64 bit based architecture is required to install AppSync Unified.
  • The device must be jailbreak with Electra (RC1.0 or later).
  • Cydia.
  • The iOS Device must have an internet.

Install AppSync Unified 6.1 on iOS 11.1.2, iOS 11.1 and Below Versions

  1. First of all, you have to Download Electra RC 1 from the official URL and install it on your iOS device. Wait for Cydia to install.
  2. Once the installation process completed, you will see Cydia on the home screen. Tap on Cydia icon to open.
  3. Now, you will see lots of options and tab. One has to tap on “Sources” tab.
AppSync Unified After Electra Jailbreak Update

4: Then, tap on “Edit” and tap on “Add” button at the top left of the screen.

5: Enter Cydia/APT URL popup will appear, enter the following command on it https://cydia.angelxwind.net/.

Cydia Angelxwind Cydia APT URL Appsync unified
AppSync Unified APT Cydia URL

6: Once you enter the URL in the text field, you can see it in the sources section.

7: Go to search tab and type “AppSync Unified”. You will see the App Sync package tap on install to start installing process.

AppSync Unified APT package Cydia Electra Update

8: You have to wait for a couple of seconds to finish the installation. Once the installation process completed, tap on “Restart Springboard” to apply changes.

Error Fix Article: [How-To] Fix “Error: Topanga” in Electra iOS 12/11.2/11+ Jailbreak

[Update] AppSync Unified 90.0 [Supports All iOS 14.x versions]

The iOS developer angelXwind is finally back with a massive rewrite for AppSync Unified. AppSync now supports all the latest iOS versions up to iOS 14.4. Following is the changelog for the latest AppSync 90.0.

  • AppSync now supports all iOS versions till iOS 14.4.
  • The fake signing service of AppSync has been made much better.
  • Code directory hash value calculation support is a part of AppSync now.
  • AppSync now bypasses Front board’s signature verification facility.
  • Performance improvements for AppSync on iOS 5 and iOS 6.
  • A bug halting the installation of Cydia Substrate is fixed.

You have to add Repo https://cydia.akemi.ai/ in any package manager like Cydia, Sileo, or Zebra to install the latest version of AppSync Unified. Please note that if AppSync Unified is not working post installation, then all you need to do is reboot your device or run ldrestart for activating it.

[Update] – AppSync Unified Now Supports iOS 14.5

In AppSync Unified 90.0, the developer angelXwind added support for iOS 14 operating system up to iOS 14.4 along with a host of fixes and improvements. Now, with the latest AppSync Unified 94, the developer has added support for iOS 14.5 as well. As per the changelog, no other fixes or additions are present. With Taurine Jailbreak available for iOS 14.0 to iOS 14.4, AppSync plays a major role in allowing users to install un-verified IPAs for testing on their jailbroken iPhone/iPad running on iOS 14 or above.

[Update] –  AppSync Unified 96.0 – Added Support for iOS 14.5.1

The latest update AppSync Unified 96.0 is out. The developer hasn’t brought in any changes to the new version apart from adding support for iOS 14.5.1. You can download the latest version from the repo https://cydia.akemi.ai/.

[Update] – AppSync Unified 98.0 – Added Support for iOS 14.6

In the latest AppSync Unified 98.0, the developer adds support for iOS 14.6. Apart from adding support for iOS 14.6, no new changes were made to the code or the functionality. As before, you can download the latest version from the repo https://cydia.akemi.ai/.

[Update] – AppSync Unified 100.0 – Supports iOS 14.7/14.7.1

The recently released AppSync Unified 100.0 supports iOS 14.7 and iOS 14.7.1. Apart from extending the list of supported iOS versions, no further change has been made a part of the latest version. Tap here to add the associated repo directly.

Verdict: Install AppSync Unified on iOS 11.1.2, 11.1, iOS 11.2 Devices

In this latest update they Fixed a (benign) bug where asu_inject would get erroneously enabled on some 32-bit devices. We hopefully covered all important updates about AppSync update on iOS 11.1.2, 11.1, 11.2 and iOS 11+ with electra jailbreak update.

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