AppValley NEXT – No More Enterprise Signing [NEXT is FUTURE]

Apple has become pretty strict on the usage of third-party iOS apps. Usually, if you install a third-party iOS app through stores like AppValley, TweakBox, or more; it will get revoked within a few hours post installation. This has hurt the user base of the third-party app stores and they are forced to think of a way that could prevent Apple from revoking the apps. The first to come up with a working method is AppValley NEXT or simply NEXT.

AppValley NEXT – Install Third Party iOS Apps Without Revoke

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From AppValley NEXT, you can install a plenitude of hacked, modded, and ++ iOS apps without the fear of revocation. This is because the concept of enterprise developer certificates isn’t used in this upgraded platform. However, you do need a PC for the purpose. Continue reading ahead to know more about the amazing AppValley NEXT.

What is AppValley NEXT?

You can hail AppValley NEXT as the successor of the popular third-party app store AppValley. Since Apple wrecked the third-party app stores completely through consistent revocation, NEXT was the need of the hour. The upgraded platform utilizes the available kernel vulnerabilities in iOS for its advantage and allows the users to install ++ iOS apps and games that Apple cannot revoke.

Do we really need AppValley NEXT?

Of course, AppValley NEXT is the future. In the long ongoing battle against the third-party App Stores; Apple finally changed altogether the way how enterprise certificates work at server-side. Due to this change the traditional method of installing third-party apps via enterprise certificates no longer works as within a few hours of installation, the app will get de-authorized by itself. So, a new method for installing these third-party apps was the ultimate need and this new platform helps us to do exactly that.

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Why my third-party store is still working?

If you are of the opinion that since your third-party App Store is still working and you don’t need AppValley NEXT, then wait for a few days and your opinion will change. The stores which are running right now on the traditional no-computer-enterprise-certificate-method are buying enterprise certificates every few hours to prevent the apps from getting revoked. This is a tedious process and they are simply doing this to generate some revenue from ads. However, soon they have to stop this.

How does AppValley NEXT works?

NEXT utilizes jailbreak level exploits like tfp0, AMFI patches, and more to install applications that cannot be revoked. It self-signs the apps on your device to make Apple Mobile File Integrity text. This is the component that handles the app signing process. Following is the process in detail for you.

  • NEXT utilizes task_for_pid(0) kernel exploits to get full patches on AMFI, MACF (Mandatory Access Control Framework) and installd, as well as the sandbox, to be able to install whatever the user wants without restrictions.
  • NEXT gets task_for_pid(0), then proceeds to get root (setuid(0)), then it patches the sandbox to obtain access to the Applications staging area in the /var user partition.
  • Upon patching the iOS chain that handles iOS Apps installation to allow unsigned and fake-signed applications to be staged and installed, the User Interface Cache is rebuilt so that the apps show up on the screen.

The great thing is that all of the above merely takes a few seconds post your good self hitting the GET button against the IPA of the application that you want to install from NEXT.


How to install AppValley NEXT?

You can install NEXT via the AppValley Companion Computer App. AppValley Companion simply deploys the platform on your iOS device via your Apple ID credentials. You can create a separate Apple Developer ID for this purpose as well if you don’t wish to utilize your primary ID.

Do I have to re-install NEXT every 7 days?

No! That’s the marvelous part. The credentials of your Apple ID will be saved and AppValley Companion will automatically re-sign NEXT on your iOS device. However, please note that for this to work both your computer with Companion app installed and your iOS device should be connected on the same WiFi. So, you needn’t do anything more other than being in your house at least once in a week.

Is the 3 Apps Limit present?

This is another beautiful part of this amazing platform. There is no limit that you can install only three apps per credentials. You can install unlimited number of apps from this platform.

Does my Credentials go to AppValley Server?

You might be worried that since we stored your credentials for automatic refresh; they might get shared with AppValley servers. However, that’s not the case. The credentials are saved locally in an encrypted format and are simply utilized to resign NEXT every once in seven days.

Is AppValley NEXT compatible with jailbreak?

Yes! It will work on jailbroken iOS devices. If the jailbreak has already patched an application on your iOS device, then AppValley won’t patch to install the app. It will use the jailbreak patch for installation.

Other coolest thing is that this platform is not detectable by jailbreak detection in apps like Snapchat, or bank apps.

Will my apps get deleted after reboot?

No! Your apps won’t get deleted. Just start NEXT every time you reboot and you will be good until the next time you reboot your iOS device. You won’t even lose any app related data.

Is NEXT free?

Yes! The platform is completely free to use with no hidden charges. Moreover, you will receive updates as well on the platform. It is compatible with all iOS devices running from iOS 11 to iOS 13. As new tfp(0) exploits will get released, the developers will update the application to support the subsequent iOS versions as well.


That was all regarding the amazing AppValley NEXT. If you have any more questions to ask, please shoot them down in the comments section provided below.

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