[How-To] Bypass Jailbreak Detection in Fortnite Mobile on iOS Devices

Get Around Jailbreak Detection for Fortnite Mobile for iOS: So, you were lucky enough to get the invite to play Fortnite Mobile Battle Royale on your iOS device. Wait! What? You can’t play it because your iPhone/ iPad is jailbroken? Oh! This means that the game has a jailbreak detection mechanism in place which disallows your jailbroken iOS device to get access to it. But, no need to worry as we are going to tell you the process to bypass jailbreak detection in Fortnite Mobile for iOS. The same has been made possible by Liberty Lite jailbreak detection bypass for iOS 11.

Bypass fortnite jailbreak detection

Developed by world-renowned patch developer, Ryley Angus, Liberty Lite is a tweak that enables you to bypass jailbreak detection on a hell lot of games and other applications available on the Apple App Store. Liberty Lite works perfectly with Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.

[Latest] Bypass Fortnite Jailbreak Detection System on iOS iPhone/iPad

Major Update: 

Just a moment before the latest Jailbreak detection Bypass Released of Fortnite for iOS devices and here is the complete guide.

The below guide works completely fine on the latest 11.3.1 and 11.4 and working fine on the earlier versions such as iOS 12 and so on

Latest Jailbreak Detection Bypass for Fortnite [iPhone/iPad]

UPDATE!! So here is the most recent update on how to bypass jailbreak detection in Fortnite for iOS devices. There is an official Jailbreak Bypass is coming on the way by Flex, but till then you can try out this method. You need to have the following requirements.

  • You should have a iOS device running on iOS 11 with the game Fortnite Mobile is installed.
  • Now you need to download and install FilzaEscaped for non jailbroken devices from here.
  • We have briefed down the complete steps down below and this process requires some deletion of the files you have downloaded in order to play Fortnite Mobile on your Jailbroken Device.

Steps to be followed:

  • First of all, make sure that your device is non-jailbroken. All you need to do is to simply reboot your device and make sure that you don’t hit Electra Jailbreak once you have done with the reboot.
  • Now you need to launch the FilzaEscaped which you downloaded in the first part and redirect to the root/‘ folder. Now you will be able to see a folder named bin. Now you have to copy the whole folder and need to move it to a safer destination where their wont be any chance to get it deleted. Now you need to reboot your device again and this time it should be in jailbreak mode by hitting Electra Jailbreak after the reboot.

fortnite jailbreak detection bypass

  • Now you need to redirect to the folder where you have kept that bin folder and you should delete all the files that are named as ps and df extension and make sure that you only delete the ones with these extensions by tapping trash tab. These df and ps files are the ones which deal with Electra and Cydia.

fortnite jailbreak detection latest

  • Once you are done with that, you can simply close the FilzaEscaped file manager and launch Fortnite Mobile on your iOS devices without any hassle and you can enjoy the Fortnite heat on your Jailbroken iOS device.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you don’t delete that bin folder and if you wish to get back into the jailbroken stage and install Cydia tweaks after finishing the game, all you need is to take the bin folder back to root/‘ folder and simply reboot your device or re run the Electra jailbreak and and install Cydia tweaks as before.

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Alternative Method: Bypass Jailbreak Detection Fortnite Mobile on iOS

  • To get Liberty Lite on your jailbroken iPhone/iPad, first of all, you require to launch Cydia and under the ‘Sources’ section please click on Edit -> Add and enter the URL: ryleyangus.com/repo/
  • If you are not having Cydia with Electra Jailbreak then please follow the guide provided to Reinstall Cydia on Electra Jailbreak.
  • Please click on the ‘Add Source’ button once the Repo is entered.
  • Post successful installation of the Repo please visit its ‘All Packages’ section and search for ‘Liberty Lite’ in it.


  • Please make sure that you have uninstalled all older versions of this package before proceeding with the installation of this one.
  • Great! Now please wait for the installation of Liberty Lite to get over. Thereafter, post-installation, please navigate to Settings -> Liberty and turn on the option of ‘Enable Liberty.’
  • Further, below this option you will see another option present captioned as ‘Block Jailbreak Detection.’


  • Click on the option of ‘Block Jailbreak Detection.’ Thereafter, you will witness the list of applications installed on your jailbroken iOS device (iPhone/ iPad). From this list of applications, you can choose the application for which you want to bypass jailbreak detection.
  • Yes! You guessed it right. You need to choose the application Fortnite Mobile from the list and you are done.
  • Now! you can enjoy Fortnite Mobile for iOS on your jailbroken iPhone/ iPad without any hassles. You have bypassed the jailbreak detection for it using Liberty Lite.

New Tool: Download Libertas Bypass Jailbreak Detection to Play Fortnite Game. It’s working absolutely without any errors. I am glad that I got the correct tool at a correct time for my Fortnite game.

Liberty Lite to Bypass Jailbreak Detection for Fortnite Mobile on Jailbroken iPhone/ iPad iOS 11/11.3/11.3.1 and iOS 12

So, folks, these were the steps through which you can easily bypass jailbreak detection on Fortnite Mobile. Hence, you can easily run the game now on your jailbroken iPhone/ iPad using Liberty Lite general purpose tool.

If, in any case, the method is not working for you then let us know about the same in comments below. Furthermore, if you have any questions or queries to ask you are welcome to put down the same in the comments section below.


  1. Unfortunately this did not work for me. I am on a iphone 7 plus ios 11.1 jailbreak. It is not working can you please Help

  2. First Of All Thank You Sir For Giving this vital information only my question left is will it work on Yalu Jailbreak if yes How ?????

  3. This bypass tweak is not working currently with my iPhone running iOS 11. Fortnite is still not able to load up. I did a respring of the device and even still not working.

    • Post has been updated with new update which is successfully bypassing jailbreak detection of fortnite on iOS. Please check it and fix the issue. Thanks.


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