ShyCC Tweak – Gives More Control over Control Center


As an iPhone user you utilize the Control Center often. However, there are moments when you don’t wish for the Control Center to pop-up but it does. As an example, when you are playing full-screen games in landscape mode, Control Center gets invoked with the associated gesture. The jailbreak tweak ShyCC can help you in disabling the …

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Gemini Tweak – Best App Switcher with Control Center [iOS]


Admit it! Accessibility gets really complex while using an iPhone when you have to access notification center, control center, and app switcher for different functionalities. Out of these three interfaces, accessing app switcher is the simplest. So, how about we combine app switcher, notification center, and control center into one? Yes! This is possible through Gemini jailbreak …

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Airaw Tweak – Changes CarPlay Icon Layout & Custom Wallpapers


A majority of the iPhone users utilize the services of CarPlay. However, even with the latest iOS updates, CarPlay, in terms of customization, has a plenitude to cover. If you wish to enjoy more customizability when it comes to CarPlay, then Airaw Tweak is the answer for you. Developed by iOS developer Dcyshi, the Airaw jailbreak tweak allows you to …

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Download iOS 15 BETA 1 IPSW Links on (iPhone & iPad)


If you are here, then we do not need to tell you that Apple has released iOS 15 Beta 1. If you are one of the eager users who wish to try out iOS 15 Developer Beta 1, you can follow either of the two routes. You can install iOS 15 Beta 1 or iPadOS …

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1ONE Jailbreak – All-in-One Jailbreak Tweak iOS


As a jailbroken iPhone/iPad user, you can customize a whole lot of features on your iOS device. However, often, the customization options are spread across multiple tweaks. If you are looking for an all-in-one jailbreak customization tweak, then you are at the right place. 1ONE, by iOS developer Mostafa, provides the users with a plenitude of options to customize …

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YTClassicVideoQuality – Bring Back Old Quality Controls to YouTube


If you are here then you probably hate the new video quality selection tab on YouTube. Those who wish to get the old quality selection tab back on their YouTube app can make use of the YTClassicVideoQuality jailbreak tweak. Using this tweak, you don’t have to go to Advanced > Video Quality to select the resolution; instead the classic …

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Hinata – Get Samsung Galaxy Inspired Lock Screen on iPhones

Ever desired to put elements from the Android operating system in iOS? If yes, then the Hinata jailbreak tweak will be handy. Developed by iOS developer Sugiuta, Hinata jailbreak tweak replaces your iPhone’s lock screen with a Samsung Galaxy inspired lock screen. Check out Kumquat – Customize Your Lock Screen Music Player on iOS. The Samsung Galaxy lock screen …

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Atria – Best Layout Editor for iOS 14 (Home Screen)


With the launch of iOS 14, Apple gave its users a way to change the appearance of their iOS device’s home screen through the new Widgets system. However, if we compare this with the relative tweaks available for the jailbroken users, the offering of Apple lags behind considerably. Let us talk about one such jailbreak …

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Watusi 3 – All in One Tweak for WhatsApp on (iPhone & iPad)

Download WhatsApp Watusi IPA

When it comes to communication purposes, Instead of SMS the majority of the population switched to WhatsApp for communication purposes. It is the application where you can send not only the text but also video, audio and documents in a single tap. The usage of this application is also very much convenient and simple for …

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HiddenLock14 – Add Face ID to your Hidden Album


Everybody has photographs in their iPhone’s photo library that we wish to keep to ourselves. The iPhone’s Photos application provides a ‘Hidden’ album. Photographs that we add to the ‘Hidden’ album won’t come up in the Library thereby preventing anyone from seeing them. However, this ‘Hidden’ album does not come with any sort of protection. …

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