5 Easy Ways to Download Torrents on iPhone No Jailbreak

As an iOS user, you must know that there is no torrent client available in the Apple App Store that will allow you to download torrents directly on your iPhone. If you wish to install such application then you have to resort to jailbreaking your iPhone, which is not considered a good option. However, what if you can download torrents without jailbreaking your iPhone? This is what we are going to cover in this post.

How to Download Torrents Directly on iPhone

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As compared to iOS, Android users are lucky as they have got uTorrent and Bit Torrent clients available in Play Store that allow Android users to download torrents on their smartphones without having to root their devices. However, by the end of this post, even iOS users will be able to download torrents directly on their iPhone without jailbreak using any one of the various methods listed below.

5 Best Ways to Download Torrents on iPhone & iPad Without Jailbreak

We have listed 5 easy and best ways to download torrents on iOS(iPhone & iPad) devices without any jailbreak. Let’s discuss one by one in this guide without wasting much time in knowing the just features and all.

Let’s begin.

Method 1 – Download Torrents Using UC Browser & Online Torrent Clients

To download torrents on iPad without jail-breaking you must follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • At first, you should download and install UC browser application which is available on Apple App Store.Download UC browser
  • After that, you need to use UC browser for opening your favorite torrent downloading websites like The Pirate Bay or ISO Hunt to locate torrents. You can simply use Google Search as well for locating torrents.
  • Once you have located the torrent you wish to download, please tap & hold on the torrent link.
  • A new pop up will appear that will show different options like Cancel, Open, Copy. You should select the Copy option.Copy the torrent downloading link
  • Then you need to open another tab on UC browser and type zbigz.com. If zbigz doesn’t work then you can utilize other alternatives like Bitport.io, Torrentsafe, and Filestream.me. There is a popular alternative Seedr.cc that instead of the traditional 1 GB download limit, provides a download limit of 2 GB.
  • When zbigz site is fully loaded, you can see the box where you need to paste the torrent link (the link you have copied above from the torrent downloading site) and hit the “GO” button.Paste copied link to abigz
  • After sometime the download link will appear. You should click the download button. This will download the file to zbigz servers.
  • Next you will be able to see three different options; Download, Copy and Open. Please tap on Download to continue. This will download the torrent file on your iPhone.

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Method 2 – Downloading Torrents on iPhone with iDownloader App

  • Under this method, you require installing iDownloader or iDownloads Plus or iDownloader Pro from Apple App Store on your iPhone.


  • Launch the application and you will notice that the application comes with its own browser.
  • Please open the torrent website in this internal browser and locate the torrent that you wish to download.
  • Tap and hold on the ‘Download’ button present with the torrent and from the pop-up that comes up select the ‘Copy’ option.
  • Now, similarly what you did in the first method, launch an online torrent application like zbigz.
  • Paste the copied link into the bar and hit ‘Go.’
  • Once the download link generates, please hit the ‘Download’ button. The website will download the torrent to its server and once that is complete, it will provide you with a new link allowing you to download the file to your iPhone.
  • That’s it! Download and save the file on your iPhone now.

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Method 3 – Downloading Torrents on iPhone with Documents by Readdle App

  • Under this method please install Documents by Readdle application on your iPhone.
  • Launch the application and you will notice that it comes with an internal browser.


  • Using the internal browser, please navigate to the torrent website. You can simply use Google search as well to locate the torrent that you wish to download.
  • Tap and hold on the ‘Download’ button present with the torrent and from the pop-up that comes up select the ‘Copy’ option.
  • Now, you again require launching and utilizing the services of zbigz or any other online torrent client to assist you with downloading the torrent. Simply launch zbigz and follow the steps as mentioned in Method 2 above.

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Method 4 – Utilize iTransmission Torrent Client to Download Torrents on iPhone

Usually, Apple won’t allow you to have torrent downloading clients installed on your iPhone. If you wish to install any, you will require jailbreaking your iOS device. However, the same isn’t true for iTransmission torrent client, which is a native Bit Torrent client for iPhone. The good news is that you can download, install, and utilize the same on your iPhone without having to jailbreak your iOS device. Check out our post from the below provided link to know more about iTransmission and to get to know the steps to download and install the same on your iPhone.

iTransmission Download iOS

Check out the Features and Steps to Download iTransmission torrent client on iPhone.

Method 5 – iTorrent App

Developed by XITRIX (Vinogradov Daniil), iTorrent app, based on BitTorrent, has got all the options that you need to download Torrents on your iPhone. You can download Bit Torrent files from URL as well as magnet links, enable background downloading and seeding, set download and upload limits, pause, stop and resume downloads, and more. The latest version of iTorrent includes support for iOS 13 as well.

iTorrent V 1.8 – Download Torrents Directly on iPhone

Install iTorrent via Direct Link

  • Tap below links to download the iTorrent app directly on your iPhone.

   Download iTorrent App with Panda Helper

   Download iTorrent App with TopStore

   Download iTorrent App with AppValley

   Download iTorrent App with Ignition App

   Download iTorrent App with iOSGods App

  • A message prompt will come up asking “Would You Like to Install iTorrent app?” Hit Install.
  • Post successful installation, please navigate to Settings > General >Profiles & Device Management.
  • Locate the newly installed enterprise certificate of iTorrent.
  • Trust the certificate.
  • Great! Now you are all set to run iTorrent from your iPhone’s home screen.


Install iTorrent by Sideloading IPA

  • As a first, please download and install any Cydia Impactor alternative on your PC or MAC like AltSigner, AltServerPatcher, AltDeploy, or AltStore.
  • Please download the iTorrent IPA file from here.
  • We are using AltStore. So, please launch AltStore and go to “My Apps” section.
  • Tap on the + button available.
  • Select the IPA file that you have downloaded from above.
  • AltStore will sideload the IPA file and install iTorrent on your iPhone now.


The latest iTorrent app is V 1.8. Following is the change log for the latest V 1.8.

  • Most of the application was rewritten from scratch, no more memory leaks.
  • Significantly improved the stability of the app.
  • Memory management implemented.
  • Memory allocation for files before downloading.
  • Lib-torrent updated to 1.2.6.
  • UI improvements, noticeable and not so much.
  • Added integration with Patreon.

Download Torrents directly on iPhone – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q – Is it illegal to use torrents?

Please note that torrent files and apps are not illegal. However, a majority of the torrents provide access to material that is protected under copyright laws. Accessing such materials via torrents is illegal.

Q – Is it necessary to utilize VPN for downloading torrents?

Although end users are rarely prosecuted on downloading files from torrents, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Hence, we do recommend utilizing a good VPN service for downloading torrents to protect your identity.

Q – Will downloading a torrent have impact on the warranty of my iPhone?

Downloading a torrent through the methods listed in this guide won’t impact the warranty of your iPhone. However, if you choose to jailbreak your iPhone, then, definitely, you will lose the warranty of your device.

Conclusion: Download or Stream Torrents on iOS Devices

These were the convenient methods to download torrents directly on iPhone without jailbreak. If you face any issue while following any of the methods listed in this guide or have any question to ask, allow us to help you out by mentioning your doubts in the comments section provided below.

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