[How-to] Fix Snapchat Camera Black Screen Error on iPhone [2020]

Just like the world is full of people working to make systems safe, there are many always working to breach the security of such systems. Technicians devise security systems to ensure that people’s valuables are not stolen while another class of technicians ensures that they succeeding in getting their hands on those valuables. This situation is almost everywhere. Today, we are going to talk about iOS users who manipulate the security of Apple to gain access to a variety of content. This process of breaching the security of phones so that you can do more on your mobile is known as jailbreaking.

SnapChat Black Screen Issue - FIXED
SnapChat Black Screen Issue – FIXED

SnapChat Electra Jailbreak Bug Fixing Jailbreaking gives root access to its users which is otherwise restricted thereby allowing them to download and install additional applications, themes, extensions, etc. which are not available on the Apple’s app store. Some users tend to face problems with their Apple iOS 11 devices after jailbreak which are inevitable if you mess with the security of your device. But there are solutions to such problems. If you install Anemone theme manager from Cydia after jailbreak, chances are that your snapchat camera will give you trouble.

Today, we are going to discuss the problem where Snapchat camera does not work after Electra jailbreak toolkit. Though there are numerous reasons behind the camera of your Apple device not working and based upon that you can apply the suitable method such as changing the settings of the camera, updating the operating system, etc. Do check out this recent update, [How-To] Fix Stuck On “Please Wait (2/3)” Error in Electra iOS Jailbreak.

Fix SnapChat Black Camera Bug on iPhone

Follow the mentioned below steps to get the camera back on track: It also happens after jailbreaking your device because we tend to install many third-party applications. After installing anemone from Cydia, the screen of snapchat camera appears black. It does not happen always but if you do face this problem with the camera then there is a solution.

SnapChat Black Screen Error on Electra Jailbreak Update
SnapChat Electra Jailbreak Black Screen Bug
  • Navigating through the file explorer, go to Library/Themes and compress all the contents of the theme folder into a zip file.
  • Open Cydia and till all the files are refreshed and then uninstall anemone. It might lead to uninstallation of the installed themes. If it does not then it is good but if it does then go back to the Library/Themes, extract the zip folder which you had created in the previous step so that the folder is back to its earlier state.
  • In the next step, you have to follow the link Electra jailbreak Toolkit.
  •  go to Electra B11-3 and download it.
  • Extract the IPA file associated with it and navigate to Electra b11-3.ipa/Payload/Electra.app. (IPA stands for iPhone application archive)
  • Extract the archive file “tweaksupport.rar” and then, in it, navigate to /Library/SBInject and copy all the anemones files present in it.
  • Now, on your phone, navigate to /usr/lib/TweakInject and paste all the copied anemones files here.
  • Respring your device and you will have all the themes installed on your phone.
  • Now, go to the folder Electra b11-3.ipa/Payload/Electra.app/anemone app, using your computer and drag the app into the Applications folder on your iPhone.
  • In the end, you need to change the octal permission for Anemone.app to 0775. In addition to this, open the Anemone app, find the file with name “anemone” and rename it as “0775”. Now, run uicache and respring your device. This will complete the process.
  • Now, you have the anemone app installed on your phone.

After performing the above procedure, your snapchat will work just fine. Also fix another bug on this Electra update: Cydia Error after APT Update on iOS With Electra Jailbreak.

There are other few basic things we tend to forget while using the SnapChat, let me remind you those simple methods also to avoid this Black screen issue in SnapChat app. Check out below some of those methods.

Method 2: Update the SnapChat on iOS & Android Devices

It’s basic step that we must and should update any app whenever they release any latest version, because sometimes developers invest a lot of efforts to fix some bugs in that app earlier version. If our snapchat is one among those which hasn’t updated even after a latest update from it’s officials, please update it to latest version, it might fix some of issues by default.

Steps to Update SnapChat App on iOS(iPhone & iPad) & Android

  • For iOS: Open the App Store >> Scroll down till you find SnapChat app icon from all installed apps >> Tap on that SnapChat icon >> And Update it.
  • For Android users: Open Google Play Store >>Same Search for SnapChat, if you see there is an update, update it.

If anyone of these doesn’t work, check if there is any system software update. For that, follow below path to complete the system update. Before that also, check out: ‘SnapChat++ Download on iOS – TuTuApp [Guide]‘.

  • For iOS: Go to Settings >> Tap on General Settings >> Click on software UPDATE, It will update system to latest version.
  • For Android: Go to Settings>> Click on About Phone>>System Information, and update it from there.

Uninstall & Re Install SnapChat App | Fix Black Camera Issue

This sounds silly, but trust me this step do the wonders sometimes by deleting the cache files of the app and gives a fresh start to the app.

  • For iOS: On device home scree, long hold ‘SnapChat’ app, as soon as you did that, SnapChat app goes to wiggle mode.
  • Tap on ‘X’ symbol on top right corner of the which is in wiggle mode, it gives you a prompt to delete, Tap on CONFIRM and delete it.

Must check guide:

Fix for Snapchat’s black camera bug caused by Anemone on Electra : Alternative Way

However, if you have not done any jailbreaking of the operating system of your Apple device but you still face a problem with snapchat camera, you can try the following methods:

  • You can try restarting your phone.
  • Try to uninstall the snapchat, restart the phone and reinstall the app.
  • Disabling the geotagging of photos can be also tried. (In the camera settings, you can turn off the geotagging setting)
  • You can give Snapchat beta a try.
  • Disabling the snapchat filters can also make the camera of your device work fine. Majority of the users tried this method and got their camera issue fixed.
  • Try to update the sanpchat app, if there is any available.
  • You can try to restore the phone to factory settings.
  • Uninstalling updates and clearing cache also help in snapchat camera showing a black screen. Clearing the cache data will delete all the files saved by the app and it will be a fresh app now.
  • Check the memory status of your phone. There should be enough memory in the phone to save photos and videos.
  • Removing the third party application can also help as these are not sometimes licensed and most of them peep through the working of other apps to steal your information.
    Snapchat camera working now
    SnapChat Camera Working Now

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Best Ways to Improve SnapChat Camera Quality

These are bonus point for all users who are looking to improve the quality of SnapChat camera. Let’s discuss them below.

  • Make sure you have a very good internet connection.
  • Force close he SnapChat & Restart the app again.
  • Update SnapChat app to latest version.
  • Restart your iPhone & iPad.

Verdict: Solved SnapChat App Camera Not Working on iOS

These are the solutions that will surely help you in case you face any problem with your snapchat camera. We have tried our best to fix this Snapchat black camera issue on iPhone/iPad, if you have any more queries feel free to contact us.



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