How To Install Fortnite on Unsupported OS versions [Complete Guide]

Download Fortnite on Unsupported OS and Fix Unsupported OS Error in Fortnite for Windows : If you are here, reading this post, then, definitely, you are facing the issue of ‘Unsupported OS’ while trying to download Fortnite on your Windows PC/ Laptop. Well! The exact reason behind this error is that you are trying to download Fortnite on a 32-Bit Windows PC/ Laptop but the game requires a 64-bit operating system to run on a Windows PC/ Laptop.


Now, you might think that the solution to this is to wipe your entire hard drive clean and do a fresh installation of a 64-bit operating system. You can do that if you want. But, if you ask me, there is an alternate way also, following which we can fix the ‘Unsupported OS’ error while downloading Fortnite. I want to share the same with all my fellow gamers who are facing this error and hence, I am writing this post. Continue reading to know more!

Unable to Download Fortnite on Windows | Unsupported OS Error in Fortnite [STEPS]

  • First of all for this method to work, your system must have a x64 – based processor. To check this on your Windows 10 operating system you can navigate to Settings -> About and just check the statement written against the caption System Type. If it says x64 – based processor then you can go ahead with the below-provided steps.
  • Also, please make sure that your hard disk has enough free space for this method to work. If you want to know as to what exactly we will be doing then let me tell you that we are going to create a new partition from our hard drive and install a 64-bit operating system on it.
  • Please navigate to the disk manager. You can simply type disk manager in the search bar and click on ‘Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions’ option as shown in the below-provided screenshot.


  • This will actually open the ‘Disk Management’ utility. From the window that opens up please select the drive on which your operating system is installed. Most of the times it is C drive. Right click on it and select the option of ‘Shrink Volume’ as shown in the below-provided screenshot.


  • Now a window captioned as ‘Shrink C:’ will open up. Depending upon the size of your partition you can enter the amount of space to shrink. Remember the entry is in Megabytes. I am doing it to about a 100 GB as you can see in the following screenshot. Please click on ‘Shrink’ thereafter.


  • Now the drive will say 97.66 GB un-allocated. This means that the space hasn’t been transformed into a partition yet. I am using Windows 10 for this tutorial as we won’t be having any key for the 64- bit Windows that we will put in the new partition and as far as I know, Microsoft, doesn’t shuts down Windows 10 even if it is not registered. You can use the same series of steps for earlier version of Windows as well.

Install 64-Bit Windows [Create New Partition] | Fortnite Unsupported OS

  • Great! Now open your browser and search for ‘Windows 10 Free Download.’ Scroll through the search results. You need to select the option which states ‘Create Windows 10 Installation Media’ in its meta description. Please see the screenshot provided for reference.


  • Click on the option ‘Download Tool Now’ once the web page opens up. Upon clicking on this button Windows will ask your permission to allow the application to make changes to your system. Click on ‘Yes’ and you will see the following screen in front of you. Hit on ‘Accept.’


  • On the following screen you need to choose the option of ‘Create Installation Media’ and click on ‘Next.’
  • On the next screen you need to un-check the box stating to use the recommended settings and from the ‘Choose Architecture’ drop down menu choose the option of ’64 – bit.’ You might get a warning that please make changes to your system before proceeding but since we are installing 64-bit Windows on a new partition so this warning won’t affect us. Hit ‘Next.’
  • Now on the next option choose the option of ISO so that we can burn the image to the disc. You can choose USB also if you want. Hit on ‘Next.’ Choose a location where you want to save the ISO file. Now the process of downloading Windows 10 to an ISO file will start. It will take a long period of time so please be patient for the process to run. Once the process is over please click on ‘Finish.’

Fortnite Unsupported OS Error | Burn Windows 10 64-Bit ISO to Disc

  • Navigate to the location of the ISO file. Right click on it and choose the option of ‘Burn Disc Image’ and Windows Disc Image Burner will open up in front of you as shown in the following screenshot. Please insert a blank DVD in your drive and once detected click on ‘Burn.’ Now the respective image file will be burnt on to the disc.


  • Now please restart your system and boot it into BIOS. For me it was the ‘Escape’ key. For the person using laptops it might be different. You need to choose the ‘First Boot Device’ as CD/DVD and ‘Save Changes’ and exit the BIOS menu.
  • Once your system reboots again you will see an option flashing ‘Press and key to boot from CD/DVD.’ Press any key. Now Windows will boot up from the DVD which we burnt. You will see the following screen.
  • Just select the relevant options and on the next screen hit the ‘Install Now’ button. Please remember that we don’t want to do an upgrade. We have to do a brand new installation in the partition that we have already made earlier.
  • Next the setup will ask you to activate Windows by entering a product key. Just choose the option of ‘I don’t have a product key’ and hit ‘Next.’
  • A window will come asking you to select the operating system you wish to install. Please select Windows 10 Home x 64 from the options. Please refer the provided screenshot for clarity. Hit ‘Next.’


Windows 10 – 64 Bit Installation On A [New Partition] | Fortnite Unable to Download Unsupported OS Error

  • On the next window that comes up please accept the terms and conditions and hit on ‘Next’ again. In the next window you will be asked the type of installation you want. Since we don’t want an upgrade we will hit on ‘Custom.’ Please refer the below given screenshot.


  • Now you will be able to see the partition which you create of 97.66 GB. This is where we want the installation to take place. Select the partition and click on ‘Next.’
  • The installation of Windows on the selected partition will take place now. It will take long time as windows doesn’t install quickly. So, please be patient. Once the installation is done your system will automatically reboot. After this your system might restart a couple of times more. Don’t worry it is the part of the installation process.
  • Please note that again the message ‘Press any key to boot from CD or DVD’ will pop up. Don’t press any key now as you don’t need the DVD now. The system already has all the relevant files for the installation to continue.

Windows 10 64 Bit Dual Boot  | New 64 Bit Windows 10 Partition for Fortnite

  • Once the system boots up you will see a screen asking you to choose the Windows that you want to run. This is basically because now we have a dual boot system. The fresh install will be on Windows 10 Volume 3. Hit it and setup will continue. Select the relevant preferences and let the setup run its course.


  • When asked to sign up with Microsoft account please use the one which you are already using in your existing Windows 10 32 Bit and hit ‘Next.’ Now you will see more preferences coming up. Just select the ones according to your wish.
  • Finally the Window will boot up and you will be able to see your desktop. Now, if you again navigate to Settings -> About you will see the System Type as 64- bit operating system on a 64 bit based processor. Now we are ready to go!
  • Please go ahead and download the Epic Games installer. You will be asked to enter your Epic Games account credentials so keep them handy. Once you are in possession of the Installer; run it.
  • In between the installation process if you get a warning that Windows Firewall has blocked certain features. Don’t worry about that. Just click on ‘Allow’ for those features to be installed as well.
  • Once the Epic Games Launcher comes up; sign in with your Epic Games account. Now on the spot where you used to get the ‘Unsupported OS’ error you will find the game to be installing itself actually. Please refer the below screenshot for reference.


  • Great! Now post installation just click on ‘Launch’ and enjoy the game.

Conclusion: Methods To Fix The Issue of Unsupported OS for Fortnite on Windows 10 PC/ Laptop

So, guys and gals, here we are at the end of this long post. I hope now you are able to enjoy Fortnite on your Windows PC/ Laptop. Please comment below if you are able to play Fortnite now.

Also, let us know if you are facing any kind of issues while following the process. Any additional queries or questions? Please drop them in comments section below. We are always happy to help you.

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