How To Get Back Permanently Banned Clash of Clans Account (COC)

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Supercell, the development studio for “Clash of Clans” continues to rake in high numbers in revenue since the release of the epic game in 2012. Up till now, there has been no stopping for “Clash of Clans,” which has dominated the official App Stores since its release. The entire credit for this tremendous popularity goes to the engaging gameplay and the competitive scene. As of now, in 2019, Clash of Clans, though not in its earlier prime, is still a thing. The game, during 2016-2017 was at its peak in terms of player count that reached up to 10-15 million. Though the number of players have reduced, the game still houses one of the most furnished and inhabited gaming communities with over 3 million players per month.

How To Get Back Permanently Banned Clash of Clans Account

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Supercell continues to put in efforts to make the game stay fresh with big monthly updates that include new UI, new units, new PvP modes, and much more. However, along with all of this, comes the terms and conditions laid out by Supercell. Any player who fails to comply with the terms and conditions are at a risk of getting their COC Account permanently banned. Yes! There are countless number of COC players who have got their account banned due to one reason or the other. This post is meant for these players who have lost their COC Account to Supercell as we are going to tell you how to get back permanently banned Clash of Clans account.

Why Supercell Bans Clash of Clans Account?

Before we proceed towards getting back your permanently banned COC account, you must know what could have caused the permanent ban. Supercell is very strict in invoking its friendly gaming policies and due to the fact that COC primarily relies on multiplayer gaming, Supercell has to maintain that extra vigil. Following are the activities that Supercell isn’t cool with and could permanently ban Clash of Clans account for these.

  • Cursing, using profane language, and obscenities on the global chat doesn’t go well with Supercell. Players can easily report you over your language.
  • Your profile name is exceedingly inappropriate and displays profanity and unbefitting and improper messages.
  • You have arranged your walls or decorations to look like something vulgar. Players are at a liberty to take a screenshot of your village and send it to Supercell.
  • If you consistently play your game on computer emulators could lead to a permanent ban on Clash of Clans account.
  • As a leader or a co-leader of a clan, you are not at a liberty to use vulgar clan descriptions.
  • Using hack tools, mods, robots, and other related software can lead to a permanent ban on your COC account.

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Does Supercell Permanently Bans COC Account Immediately?

If you are thinking that Supercell will permanently ban your Clash of Clans account immediately after you are caught participating in any one of the activities mentioned above, then abandon and discard the thought immediately. A permanent ban is a pretty serious thing and the development studio won’t do that for minor reasons. Either you are consistently repeating the offences or done something pretty grave to have your account permanently banned.

Supercell does puts up temporary bans from time to time. However, if the players don’t steer themselves clear of violating the game’s terms and conditions and do so on a consistent and regular basis, a permanent ban is the last resort. Please have a look on the following images to understand the difference between temporary bans and a permanent ban.

The Clash of Clans Account Temporary Ban
Temporary Ban on a Clash of Clans Account
Clash of Clans Account Permanent Ban
Clash of Clans Account Permanent Ban

As you can see in the pictures above, when you are temporarily banned from Clash of Clans, the ban message will share with you the specific duration for which your account is banned. However, as you can again see in the pictures above, the permanent ban doesn’t come with any specific duration. It simply states that your Clash of Clans account is permanently banned. For some cases it will state the length of the ban in the message as ‘permanent.’

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How to Get Back Permanently Banned Clash of Clans Account?

As far as temporary bans are concerned, you require waiting for the specified duration to start playing again. However, as you have seen in the messages displayed in the pictures provided above, repeated offenses puts your COC account at a grave risk of getting permanently banned.

Now, if your Clash of Clans account is permanently banned already, we are afraid you cannot do anything much to get it back. Getting a permanently banned COC account back is next to impossible as the person concerned has indulged in repeated offenses in spite of and ignoring the considerable number of warnings provided. Now, if you think you have been wrongly accused of the misdoings and have a solid defense against the permanent ban then following the below steps to unban your Clash of Clans account.

  • Please click here to launch the Supercell ‘Contact Us’ form. Make sure that the game selected on the form is Clash of Clans.

Get Back Permanently Banned Clash of Clans Account
  • You require selecting Language, Category, Player Tag, your Email Address and describe the issue.
  • Make sure you put up a proper defense against the permanent ban inflicted on your Clash of Clans account. You might require pleading hard with Supercell; enough to melt them and convince them to restore your account.
  • You can also attach files with this message.
  • Hit ‘Submit’ and start praying that Supercell considers and listens to your plea.

Final Words – Restoring Permanently Banned COC Account

This is the only method through which you can try getting back permanently banned Clash of Clans account. However, it is not guaranteed that Supercell will revoke the permanent ban inflicted on your Clash of Clans account as, already mentioned above, a permanent ban is the result of consistent misdoings, repeated offences, and ceaseless violation of the terms and conditions set up by Supercell.

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