Sileo – Cydia Alternative for iOS 11 & iOS 12 from Electra Jailbreak Team

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Jailbreaking is still as popular as in the past even though Apple themselves have tried everything to put a halt to it. The reason is very simple. It gives users more freedom regarding their iOS device like the freedom to install apps from third-party app stores. Moreover, you also get a wide range of customization tools, specifically available through package installers. In this post, we will introduce to you the latest package installer from Electra team, whose aim is to replace Cydia as the main package installer on iOS 11.3.1/11.4 Electra Jailbreak. But before moving on, let’s review a little about Cydia.

Sileo Installer Update on iOS
Sileo Installer Update on iOS

Cydia is a package installer, that allows jailbreak users to install apps and tweaks from third-party repositories. Most of the app packages available through Cydia are free, but some require purchasing like you would through the official App Store. Cydia is a comprehensive digital distribution platform from where users can also install an app that could not make to the App Store on their jailbroken devices. Developed by “Jay Freemon”, popularly known as “saurik” in the jailbreak community, has been the norm on the jailbroken devices. Most of the Jailbreaking tools like Electra, automatically install Cydia on the devices, and other give an option to do so.

Cydia has been the mainstream package installer in the Jailbreak community due to its lean interface and support. Cydia has been highly trusted by the iOS community has become the unofficial app store for jailbroken devices. Due to this, even though many third-party package installers were introduced over the years, no one has been able to replace Cydia. But recently, the Coolstar, the developers behind Electra jailbreak, have announced that they have been working on a Cydia Replacement. The new installer, named as “Sileo”, will replace Cydia as the package installer for new Electra iOS 11.3.1/11.4 jailbreak. All the latest and the future Electra Jailbreak updates will feature Sileo as the main installer. Must read – How to Jailbreak iOS 11.4 Beta / iOS 11.3.1 using Electra without PC [Guide].

Sileo – The New Cydia Replacement for iOS 11 [iPhone/iPad]

Most of the people may be in a state of confusion over Electra’s announcement about a new app package installer. Some users are even skeptical that Sileo too will end up the same way like other third-party package installers. But there’s a good reason behind the move from Electra Jailbreak in ceding support for Cydia for latest iOS version.

Cydia has been present at the inception of the Jailbreaking concept and it has largely grown over the years. But Cydia, as grown outdated as per latest standards and saurik himself, has been unable to service and maintain Cydia for quite some time. According to CoolStar, Cydia has been able to work on iOS 11 only due to many band-aids, zip-ties and velcros applied to it. The Core foundation of Cydia has grown outdated and support for future iOS version is going to be difficult to implement. So, instead of trying to maintain superior for Cydia, CoolStar choose to develop a new package installer from the scratch.

Sileo – Cydia Alternative / Replacement from Electra Jailbreak

As discussed above, Sileo installer will replace the Cydia installer on Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11 and higher. As Electra is the only mainstay jailbreak available for iOS 11 devices, users will have no choice to accept Sileo. According to CoolStar, Sileo will only support iOS 11 devices as it is designed in accordance with 64-bit command line tools and libraries. So, Sileo won’t support iOS 10 and older as they use the old 32-bit tools. So, these devices will continue to use Cydia.

Sileo Logo from officials
Sileo Icon Poll in their twitter handle – Cydia Alternative

They also didn’t fail to mention that Sileo will work seamlessly with your existing setup. It will work perfectly fine with all of the Cydia repositories and packages, so you won’t lose your purchases in Cydia. Moreover, the new interface of Sileo shall integrate nicely with the popular repositories like Packix. So, the fact that users won’t have to give up on their installations and tweaks will be a plus for the acceptance of Sileo. Even the default response of Cydia will be available in Cydia, though they will merge together in one repo, Telesphoreo. Though, this repo will contain only those packages that will be compatible with iOS 11.

Great Guide “Ways to Get Cydia after Sileo Update, Sileo & Cydia on the Same Device“.

Other Updates on Sileo for iOS 11 & iOS 12  Jailbroken Devices

Coolstar has also mentioned that they are some other packages that they are working on from the scratch or updating previous ones to work with Sileo. This includes Cydia Substrate, Substrate Safe Mode, Substitute, Tweak injector, Substrate Compatibility layer, etc. All of these updates and features will work on Sileo as Cydia no longer has the framework to support further updates.

The other major news is about the development of Rollectra, a Cydia uninstaller that can remove Cydia in an instant. Currently, the Rollectra is under its UI design phase, after which it will be available for download. Updates for Safe Mode and Substitute are both underways. The stability will get the much-awaited stability fix. The Safe Mode will get a complete redesign and a new look. You can find the teaser for the Safe Mode below –

updated Safe Mode Sileo Update
updated Safe Mode Sileo Update

The package manager is made a whole lot faster. So when you need to reload or refresh data or sources, the process is going to be very quick. Sileo will also support other new forms of payment like with Packix repo not supported on Cydia. You will be able to see your purchases from the package page. So, you don’t need to work with Nash Device linking workarounds anymore.

Update: Sileo developers has officially tested out this fantastic Cydia replacement and released few screenshots of their work. It’s pretty awesome after checking screen functionalities and UI of the update. Sileo going to be the huge one for Electra Jailbreak users and updates from their Twitter handles are pretty good. Let’s wait for few more days to get this fantastic application or Cydia alternative for Electra jailbreak users.

Sileo Cydia Alternative Finally Here with Screenshots update
Sileo Cydia Alternative Finally Here with Screenshots

Check below one more pretty clean screenshot from the officials of Sileo team.

cydia alternative sileo update
Sileo Update from Sileo Team
Install Sileo Repo (Cydia Alternative) on iOS 12 & iOS 11.4, 11.3 & iOS 11+ Devices

No doubt, Cydia is the mainstay package installer trusted by millions of users. But it’s framework has grown outdated and it has grown difficult to maintain its compatibility with future iOS Jailbreaking. So, a new package installer Sileo from Electra is in development, made from ground up to replace Cydia. Sileo will have a brand new interface with a modern look while maintaining the reliability of Cydia. Though it is still in the development and everyone is eagerly waiting for its release.

Here, You can check more information about Sileo though Twitter Medium for regular updates: Sileo Twitter Handle and also Follow Us for regular updates.

Check More information on this video:

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