MYbloXX – Ultimate Ad Blocker for iOS (xBlocker)

All those who utilize ad-blockers on their iPhone & iPad will love the MYbloXX ad blocker tweak from iOS developer MYXXdev. What makes this ad block tweak better than others is that it is auto-updating and brings with it several other features that are missing in the alternatives that you might be using.

Free Download MYbloXX Ad Blocker Tweak on iOS 4-14 [Jailbreak/No Jailbreak]

Gain Better Control over Incoming Notifications with iBlockX Tweak for iOS.

As far as other ad blockers in the market are concerned, they utilize hosts file modifications tweak for blocking ads. Since this is a manual process, the download/upload speed is tremendously affected. You might require additional tweaks as well along with the ad-blocker for this to work. Here is where MYbloXX kicks in. Let us check out the features of this cool new ad block tweak.

How is MYbloXX Ad Blocker better than the Alternatives?

The MYbloXX tweak gives special preference to security. No third-party servers are utilized by the tweak for re-routing the traffic. DIRECT routing is performed for all the traffic. There’s not much complexity involved in the tweak as it utilizes a simple config profile to check against the rules that are present in a PAC File, which in turn utilizes wild cards to block ad-servers. You can check the PAC File Script here.

  • The tweak works for WiFi and Data connections up to 5G.
  • It doesn’t depend on hosts file modifications for the task.
  • The tweak works both in stock as well as jailbroken mode.
  • You can utilize the tweak along with VPN servers and apps.
  • All ad-servers are blocked irrespective of the language they might be in.
  • File system modifications are not involved in the tweak.
  • The tweak blocks Facebook video ads, pop-ups/redirects, user stats scripts, in-game ads, tweak ads, and even app revocations.
  • Compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6.
  • There’s no unnecessary strain on your device with the tweak thereby saving battery.
  • The tweak is auto-updating.

So, you can see from the above features that MYbloXX is indeed the leader of all ad-block tweaks available out there. Another coolest thing is that this tweak works on all iOS versions from iOS 4-14.

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How MYbloXX is Auto-Updating?

Since new ad-servers come up on a daily basis, it might happen that you see an ad pop-up on a particular app or a website. In this case, all you require doing is to utilize the tweak to submit a report or you can reach out on the developer’s telegram, MYXXdev Support Group, with the details.

This way new ad-servers will get added on the application. Irrespective of who is reporting the new ad-server, the same will get instantly updated for the MYbloXX tweak running on your device as well providing you the ultimate protection from revokes, miners, trackers, ads, and other malicious threats.

How to Download MYbloXX on iOS?

If you are a jailbroken user, you can download the tweak for free from the developer’s repo using a package manager of your choice.

As far as stock iOS users are concerned, you require supervising your iOS device using Apple Configurator 2 prior to installing the tweak. Please note that Apple Configurator 2 requires a MAC Computer to work and you have to restore your device for the supervision to take effect. Hence, make sure you backup your data. You can check out this YouTube Video to see how to supervise using Apple Configurator 2.

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[Update] MYbloXX v 1.121820 [On/Off Switch]

Lately, the developer has pushed the latest update to MYbloXX to his repository that allows the users to enable/disable ad blocking without resorting to the removal of the ad blocker’s profile.

If you are already using MYbloXX, then you don’t need to reinstall the profile. All you require doing is update the package via Cydia and you will get all the new features with the latest update.

Please note that in the latest update the MYbloXX application has been discontinued and everything has been ported to Settings. Following is a screenshot for your reference.


Check out the new additions as per the following changelog.

  • Settings bundle has Ad/Issue reporting now.
  • The application has been completely removed.
  • Enable/Disable functionality has come up.
  • isSupervisedBeGone is not present in Settings as on-the-fly buttons thereby enabling you to remove the supervision message effortlessly.
  • Idrestart button is now present in Settings.
  • Two profile options will come up now.
    • MYbloXX for iOS (iOS 13+)
    • MYbloXX for iOS Legacy (iOS 4-12)* (Please note that the legacy version doesn’t come with Anti-Revoke)
  • TabBlocker settings have a separate category for them now in the Settings bundle.

[Update] MYbloXX for iOS v 2.020121

Since MYbloXX, as reported by users, was facing issues with modern jailbreak tools; the developer released a latest update to fix the issues. Following is the changelog for your reference.

  • Checkra1n issues due to certain commands are fixed.
  • TabBlocker Preferences Bundle Hijack Issue fixed.
  • Launchctl reboot userspace commands are removed temporarily and a revert was made to ldrestart until Coolstar launches official fixes for Chimera/Odyssey.
  • A switch was made from sbreload to killall SpringBoard thereby fixing the app crashing issue on Checkra1n post installation.

[Update] Install MYbloXX on iOS Using PlankFilza [No Jailbreak]

Good News! Now, using PlankFilza, you can install MYbloXX on iOS 14.0 to iOS 14.3 on iPhone 12 or below without jailbreak. For those who are not aware, PlankFilza is a modified version of Filza File Manager that doesn’t require a jailbroken device to work. Developed by Brandon Plank, PlankFilza utilizes the cicuta_virosa_exploit announced by ModernPwner. Simply put, it is basically a file manager application that doesn’t require jailbreak to work.

Going forward, let us check out the steps to install MYbloXX on iOS using PlankFilza.

  • As a first, please install PlankFilza on your compatible iOS device. You can download the PlankFilza IPA file from here and use AltStore signing utility to install the same on your device.
  • After successful installation, please launch PlankFilza and make your way to the following path: /var/containers/Shared/SystemGroup/
  • Select CloudConfigurationDetails.plist -> Root.
  • Select the “i” next to – IsSupervised NO and enable the toggle to change the value to YES.
  • Go back -> Hit Save -> and you are Done.
  • Now, please reboot your device. This rebooting is mandatory because if you skip this you will face a Profile Installation Error.
  • After rebooting, please launch the Safari Browser and navigate to
  • Wait for the webpage to open up and hit the Green button to initiate the installation process for the profile of MYbloXX for iOS.
  • That’s it! You have successfully installed MYbloXX on iOS. Enjoy the amazing ad-free experience.

Please note that installing PlankFilza doesn’t hinder the ability of your iOS device to get jailbroken once the jailbreak utility for iOS 14 is released. After jailbreaking your iOS device, you can easily acquire the additional features of the tweak from the developer’s repo.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Why do I see the message 'This device is supervised and managed' when using MYbloXX?

As far as jailbreak users are concerned, the tweak simply spoofs your 'iSupervised' status thereby facilitating easy installation. However, the tweak doesn't actually supervise your device.

How to remove the Supervised message from Settings?

Post installation of the tweak's profile, you can simply check out the isSupervisedBeGone tweak from the developer MYXXdev repository linked in this post to remove the message.

MYbloXX crashing on launch and staying on black screen. Why?

It is highly likely that you have OpenURLPrompt or similar installed that's blocking the tweak. In this case simply head over to to continue the installation.

Does MYbloXX removes YouTube ads?

No! Since along with YouTube, services like Facebook/Messenger, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, Twitch, and Twitter self-host their ads.

Does MYbloXX blocks app revokes as well?

Yes! It does block app revokes however, only if the certificate owner revokes the certificate. This won't hold in the case of Apple removing the developer account altogether.

Final Words – MYbloXX Free Download on iOS [Ultimate Ad Blocker]

That was all regarding the amazing MYbloXX Ad Block Tweak. If you have any further questions onto the tweak or run into any kind of problems while using the tweaks, you can reach out to the developer’s Telegram support group or ping us your queries directly in the comments section provided below.

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