Ra1nbox – Portable Checkra1n Jailbreak – No PC

Did you ever feel or come across the need of a portable jailbreak? How amazing it will be if you could jailbreak your iPhone from anywhere without a PC. Even if you are going to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, you should be able to jailbreak your iPhone. The current Checkra1n jailbreak requires you to be in front of a PC.

However, by implementing the solution mentioned in this guide, you can eliminate the need for a PC altogether. In place of a PC, you will be carrying a portable mini-computer with you to jailbreak from any part of this planet.

Portable Checkra1n Ra1nbox Jailbreak for iPhone No PC

Check out our guide on iPhone 11 Pro Max Jailbreak on iOS 13.3 / 13.3.1. We will be using Ra1nbox software, which is a portable Checkra1n jailbreak solution based on NanoPi Neo2 single-board computer chip along with a display and an aluminium case with 3 brass buttons on top for assisting us to jailbreak without PC; even from the remotest corners of the earth.

List of Parts Required to Build the Ra1nbox Device

Please note that you will need a power bank or any other USB type power supply as well for things to materialize. The developer of the Ra1nbox viz FIdelity88 has provided all the steps to prepare your own Ra1nbox device and we are going to share the same with you in this post.

Item Price Supplier/Link Notes
NanoPi Neo2 – Starter Kit

The Starter Kit has all the items that you will need viz:

  • NanoHat OLED
  • NanoPi Metal Case + Heat Sink + Foot Pads
  • Thermal Pads
  • Micro SD Card 16 GB
  • Micro USB Cable
€55,00 Ali Express

NanoPi Neo2 is also known as NanoPi Neo2 – LTS.

The NanoPi Neo2 Black comes with 1 GB of RAM, has an eMMC memory chip included and has a black color PCB.

NanoPi Neo (1) is not supported.

NanoPi Neo2 €25,00
NanoHat OLED €10,00 Ali Express

Supplier 1

NanoPi metal case + Heat Sink + Foot Pads
Thermal Pads €2 Ali Express

Supplier 1

Micro SD Card 16 GB €10 Get from any cheap local supplier 16 GB or higher, Class 10 is best suited
Micro-USB Cable €5 Get from any cheap local supplier


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So, these were the list of parts that you will require for building Ra1nbox device. Below are the instructions to setup your very own Ra1nbox device.

Steps to Setup Your Ra1nbox

Step 1 > Download Armbian – Buster minimal

You can download Armbian – Buster minimal from below.

(bottom of the page)
Step 2 > Extract & Flash

Please extract the contents of the package downloaded in Step 1 and flash the image to the SD Card. You can utilize Etcher / PiFiller program for the task.

Step 3 > Connect with SSH 

Please put the SD Card in the NanoPi Neo2 device. Using the IP Address of your device, please connect with SSH

ssh [email protected]

You require logging in with default password 1234. Post logging in, please change the same to ra1nbox. When asked later to provide the username, please enter ra1nbox as the username and ra1nbox as the password.

Now, simply hit Enter innumerable times till Armbian starts throwing a string of silly questions on you.

Step 4 > Update and Upgrade

Following are the commands to do the needful.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
Step 5 > Do some installations

Now you need to install i2c tools, GIT, pillow, smbus, pip, and armbian-config. Following is the command for the same.

sudo apt-get install i2c-tools git vim armbian-config python3-dev python3-pil python3-smbus python3-pip python3-serial
Step 6 > Toggle ON Loading for the I2C Module

Following is the command to do the needful.

sudo armbian-config
Menu System > Hardware > enable i2c0
Save and reboot
Step 7 > Check whether i2c is working or not

Please login using username root and password ra1nbox.

ssh [email protected]

Key in the following command to see whether i2c works and confirm that the output is i2c-0.

sudo i2cdetect -l

If output doesn’t come as i2c-0, it means something has gone wrong from your side. Please try all the steps again from the beginning.

Step 8 > Install Required Libraries and Checkra1n Dependencies

Following are the commands to install the required libraries.

sudo pip3 install --upgrade setuptools
sudo pip3 install sh
sudo pip3 install psutil

Following is the command to install Checkra1n Dependencies

sudo apt install libc6 libncurses5 libpango-1.0-0 libpangocairo-1.0-0 libpangoft2-1.0-0 libatk1.0-0 libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 libglib2.0-0 libfontconfig1 libfreetype6 libgtk-3-0 libusb-1.0-0 libplist3 usbmuxd ideviceinstaller python-imobiledevice libimobiledevice-utils python-plist ifuse libusbmuxd-tools
Step 9 > Creation of a New File

Please edit  /usr/local/bin/oled-start and create a new file. Following is the command for the same.

vim /usr/local/bin/oled-start

Post creation of the file, you require pasting the following contents in it.

if [ -f "$FILE" ]; then
	# Unzip update to Ra1nbox folder and force overwrite existing files
    unzip -o $FILE -d /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox
    # Remove update file
    rm -f $FILE

# Start Ra1nbox software
cd /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox


Step 10 > Rectify the rights on oled-start

Following is the command to correct the rights on oled-start.

chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/oled-start

Please add the following to the rc.local file ensuring that everything auto starts at boot.

sed -i -e '$i \/usr/local/bin/oled-start\n' /etc/rc.local
Step 11 > Download Latest Version of Ra1nbox software

Use the following commands to do the needful.

mkdir /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox
wget https://updates.ra1nbox.com/download -O /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox/update.zip

Please note that if, in the process of downloading latest version of Ra1nbox software, if you get a connection error or anything like that, please download the update manually from here and upload it manually by using SFTP to directory “/home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox/”.

Step 12 > Reboot Ra1nbox
sudo reboot

That’s it! You will have a working Ra1nbox device now. Following are the steps to use the Ra1nbox device for jailbreaking your iPhone.

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Jailbreak iPhone with Ra1nbox device

  • Connect your Ra1nbox device to a USB power supply.
  • Using the lightning cable, please connect your iPhone to the Ra1nbox device.
  • A dialog box will come up on your iPhone’s display asking whether you wish to trust this computer or not. Please tap on ‘Trust.’


  • Next, you require putting your iPhone in DFU mode. In case of iPhone X, you require pressing the Volume Up button and then press and hold the Volume Down + Power button until the screen goes black. Once the screen goes black, please hold the Volume Down button for close to 4 seconds.
  • On the Ra1nbox you will see a message stating that the Checkra1n jailbreak process has started. You can release the Volume Down button thereafter.
  • You will see Checkra1n installing on the display of the Ra1nbox and within a few seconds your Apple device will turn on and you will see Checkra1n installing on it as well.


  • Post successful installation your iPhone will reboot.
  • Once on the home screen check the display of the Ra1nbox device and you will see a message stating that you can unplug your phone now; Apple device found; Normal Mode.


  • Unplug your iPhone. Congrats! You have successfully jailbroken your iPhone using Checkra1n portable device without PC.

Ra1nbox – Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q – How to update Checkra1n?

If an update for Checkra1n arrives, the developer will provide an updated package for all the Ra1nbox users. Following are the steps that you require following thereafter.

  • Connect Ra1nbox to an Ethernet cable.
  • Navigate to Options > Check for Updates.
  • Any update if available will be visible on the screen through a small change log. Simply tap on Yes to auto update on the next reboot or No to cancel.
Q – I don’t have experience working with Linux or NanoPi. How can I get my Ra1nbox device?

If you don’t have any technical experience working with the stuff mentioned in this guide, no need to worry as the developer provides installation services as well. A complete plug-and-play solution will be delivered to your doorstep under this service. Following are the tasks that you will be paying for.

– Parts required for Ra1nbox to work.
– Meta case assembly.
– Installation and configuration of Linux Raspbian OS.
– Setup for all the connections to the display.
– Installation and configuration of all the required software.
– Shipping charges for sending a ready-to-go Jailbreak device to your doorstep.

You have to get the Micro USB Cable yourself though. Click here to make the purchase for the ready to use portable device delivered directly to your doorstep.

Q  How to manually perfrom the update or downgrade?
  • Please download the Checkra1n ARM 64 version from here.
  • Connect to Ra1nbox using either SFTP or WGET methods.
  • Simply browse to the /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox folder and replace the existing Checkra1n file.
Q – Are there any known issues with the process?

Please note that iPhone X requires verbose mode to be set to successfully jailbreak. Also touch screen sometimes doesn’t work. In this case, simply restart your iPhone in normal mode and re-jailbreak.

Conclusion – Portable Checkra1n Jailbreak for iPhone

That was all from our side regarding how to jailbreak your iPhone using Checkra1n jailbreak from anywhere without PC. If you have any questions coming up, please reach out to us via the comments section provided below.

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