[How-To] Jailbreak iOS 11-11.3.1 with Rootless Jailbreak & Install Tweaks

Rootless Jailbreak is, actually, a concept jailbreak that brings in the support of tweaks for iOS 11.3.1 and SSH access. The empty_list exploit of Ian Beer is utilized by rootless jailbreak and the success rate hovers around 40-50%. The point which you need to remember regarding rootless jailbreak is that you can run only those Cydia tweaks on it which don’t need root access.

Rootles Jailbreak on iOS 11.3.1

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We recommend that, if you are not a developer, you must not try this jailbreak on your main Apple device as if anything goes wrong, maybe unknowingly, your device can suffer from infinite respring loops and kernel panics. In this post we are putting down the complete steps as to how to jailbreak utilizing rootless jailbreak and be able to install tweaks.


  • You require a MAC Computer for this purpose.
  • Also, iFunBox is needed for the process.
  • Lastly, you require iOS App Signer or any other signing service will do.

How to Jailbreak iOS 11-11.3.1 with Rootless Jailbreak [STEPS]

The following steps you need to perform on your MAC Computer.

  • On your MAC, please download the latest Rootless Empty_List jailbreak.
  • Next, please unzip the folder on your desktop.
  • Also, you need Filza File Manager version 3.5.2 deb on your MAC.
  • Please open the command terminal and key in the following command; post which you need to drag the unzipped folder onto it.
cd [drag folder]
  • Now, you need to install Home Brew. You can simply type in and execute the following command and it will do.
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"
  • The download will start and once it finishes key in the following code.
brew install dpkg
  • This will also start a downloading process and post finishing of the same please key in the following code.
brew install ldid
  • Next, key in the following code and drag the Filza File Manager deb file which you downloaded above.
dpkg-deb -R [Drag Filza deb] Filza
  • A Filza File folder will get created and you need to open the same. Navigate to Applications and simply right click on the app and select the option of ‘Show File Contents.’ Here you will find a file named ‘Filza.’
  • Go back to terminal and key in the following code and drag the Filza file which you just found over it.
ldid -S [Drag File]
  • Navigate back to Filza -> Application folder and create a new folder named as ‘Payload‘ in it. Please bring the ‘Filza.app‘ inside the new folder by dragging the same. Now you need to compress the Payload folder by right clicking and tapping on ‘Compress.’ Please rename this ZIP file to ‘Filza.ipa.’
  • Now you need to open iOS App Signer or any other signing service which you might have and sign this Filza.ipa.
  • Utilize the services of Cydia Impactor to sideload this IPA onto your iPhone. You can also use iFunBox for the purpose.
  • Also, sideload the ‘rootlessJB.ipa’ onto your iPhone.

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Now the following steps you need to perform on your iPhone.

  • Once you have sideloaded the required IPA files, simply restart your iPhone.
  • Turn on the Air Plane Mode and launch the Rootless Jailbreak application. Make sure that Tweaks option is toggled on. Click on Jailbreak.
  • If the jailbreak is successful a spinning logo will come and then your device will respring. However, if your iPhone restarted using normal Apple Logo then you need to try again and continue trying until you succeed.
  • Congratulations! Your iPhone is jailbroken now with rootless jailbreak.

How to Patch Tweaks and Install Them on Rootless Jailbreak

Please perform the following steps on your MAC.

  • Download the deb file of the tweak that you want to install.
  • Put the deb file in the rootless jailbreak folder that you unzipped and placed on your desktop in the above steps.
  • Again open the terminal and key in the following code. Thereafter simply drag the deb file.
./patcher [Drag DEB file] Alkaline
  • Please note that here Alkaline is the name of the tweak that we are going to install. You can change the name according to the tweak that you wish to install.
  • Launch the ‘Alkaline‘ folder that must have got created.
  • Please connect your iPhone to your MAC and launch iFunBox.
  • Tap on ‘Raw File System‘ and next drag the ‘Library’ folder.

Installing Tweaks and Patching Them on Rootless Jailbreak

Please perform the following steps on your iPhone.

  • Launch Filza app and on the top bar click on the folder name and navigate to /var/mobile/Media
  • Open the Library folder that you dragged and copied on your iPhone in the above steps.
  • Copy the ‘Alkaline’ folder and paste it in the path /var/containers/Bundle/tweaksupport/Library.
  • Similar to this copy and paste all the remaining files into their respective folders in the above mentioned path.
  • Now you need to respring your iPhone. You can do the same by going to the Terminal on your MAC and SSH into your phone by keying in the following command.
  • In place of IP_ADDRESS you need to mention the IP address of your iPhone.
  • Next please type ‘Yes‘ and enter the password alpine. Hit Enter.
  • Post becoming successful you will get the following message Enjoy SSH! – @jakeashacks
  • Next, please type in the following code to respring your iPhone.
killall SpringBoard
  • That’s it. Your tweak will get installed now.

Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 with Rootless Jailbreak and Installing Tweaks on iPhone

That’s it! This was the entire process of jailbreaking your iPhone with rootless jailbreak and installing tweaks thereafter. You can ask your questions and get your doubts cleared through the comments section provided below.

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