PUBG Mobile Bots: How to Spot and Remove Them [Complete Guide]

Eliminate Completely Bots from PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile: A considerable time has elapsed since the release of PUBG or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds but it continues to add players in its list. For all those who have joined new or are playing the game for long, I can safely say that, are no strangers to bots in the game. At an instant, you might not be able to recognize the bot but later on you might have identified the same due to some conversation that you had with the bot or either you killed or got killed by the bot.


remove pubg bots
PUBG Mobile on iOS Devices

We bring this guide so as to enable you to identify the bots almost instantly and steps that you can take to bring the number of bots down in the game.

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[How To] Recognize PUBG Mobile Bots & Eliminate Them

First and foremost, identification of a bot is a must in the game. However, you already know, bots don’t appear in front of you with a sign on their head stating “I am a Bot.” Hence, you need to identify certain characteristics which every bots in this game will, undoubtedly, possess. The characteristics have been outlined below and if you happen to spot a combination of them then, congratulations! You have successfully identified a bot in your PUBG game.

Characteristics of Bots in PUBG Mobile Game


  • Weapons: Talking about weapons! The bots will be usually carrying only one single weapon. Since, they are bots, they don’t require to be loaded with all types of guns.
  • Awareness: If a character, inside the game, gets immediately aware of your presence, whenever you have them in your line of vision, that character is most likely a bot. Bots appear to have sixth-sense in them.
  • Behavior & Loot: Well! Talking about behavior; bots are rather stupid. They behave strangely and are unable to actually aim or shoot you more than a dozen times. Moreover, if you look over the corpse of a bot you will be surprised to find that it will have more goodies than what it appeared to have before being taken down.

So, now you are aware of the characteristics of bots. How to remove them? Read-on!

Steps to Remove/ Eliminate A Bot from PUBG Mobile Game

  • Well! Removing bots is not that simple as you might be thinking. If you want to get rid of bots, you actually need to level yourself up. So, continue playing the game and once you move yourself up and out of the Bronze Bracket; the number of bots coming up in the game should noticeably and considerably decrease.
  • Almost, all the bots will appear only in the early or mid part of the game play of PUBG Mobile.

That’s it folks! You can’t completely remove the bots though in one go. There is no magic trick for that. So, just level up beyond your current point and bots will automatically decrease. Please, don’t hesitate to ask, if any, queries or questions that you might be having. Kindly drop down the same in comments section below.

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