[*Fixed] “Sub-process returned an error code (100) in Electra iOS 11.1.2/11.2 Jailbreak

Cydia Throwing Error “Sub Process Returned An Error (100)” iOS 11/11.1.2: Tons of users who are using Electra Jailbreak to jailbreak their iOS device running on iOS 11/11.1.2/11.2 are reporting an error “Sub Process Returned An Error (100)” on their iOS devices. This error is being thrown by Cydia whenever the user tries to update the essential  package, APT 7.0, as the update released by Jay Freeman alias Saurik, the creator of Cydia, is meant for iOS 10 and not iOS 11/11+. Through this post we will tell you the steps to fix this error code. Here’s how this message is displayed:

“sub-process returned an error code (100)
Method /usr/lib/apt/methods/https did not start correctly
Method http has died unexpectedly!”


Methods To Fix Sub Process Returned An Error Code (100) Error Message iOS 11/11.1.2/11.2

Method 1: Downgrade Using SSH Terminal

  • For fixing the mentioned error message thrown by Cydia you require to downgrade the APT version to Plus it will be much better if you download a safe update of APT 0.7 Strict Version star from Electra’s default repository.
  • As a first step you are required to download APT v 7.0 Debian Package from the following link.
  • Thereafter you are required to copy this Debian Package to “/private/var/temp” folder of your iOS device. For this you can use Filza File Manager.
  • Through Filza you simply require to search for the downloaded Debian Package and transfer it to the root (/) folder.

SSH Into Your iOS Device Using iTerminal App Store Application

  • Post transferring of the downloaded package to the root folder; please SSH into your iOS device using iTerminal App Store application. Electra Jailbreak comes with an open SSH so you won’t be having any difficulty using SSH for the purpose.
  • You are required to enter the following details as shown in the below screenshot and tap on ‘Connect’ thereafter. Use the username as ‘root‘ and password as ‘alpine‘ without quotes.


  • Now you will enter into the SSH terminal. Once inside the terminal please run the following command:

cd /var/tmp
dpkg -i apt7-lib_0.7.25.3-15_iphoneos-arm.deb
killall -9 SpringBoard”

  • Make sure that you hit the ‘Enter’ key post typing in the above-mentioned command.
  • Cool! That’s it. The mentioned APT package will get successfully downgraded now and Cydia won’t throw the error of “Sub Process Returned an Error Code (100).”
  • However you might get the following message. If you get it you can safely ignore it and can continue installing tweaks using Cydia on your jailbroken iOS 11/11.1.2/11.2 device.

warning: unable to delete old directory ‘/usr/lib/apt/methods’: Directory not empty”

Now it might happen that SSH is not working for some of the users. If you happen to fall in that category then please use the below-mentioned method to do the gig for you:

Method 2: Using Shell Script for Automatic Removal

  • If you use this method you won’t require a PC or a computer for the purpose. First of all you are required to download the fix.sh shell script which has been developed by Ariel from here. If the link doesn’t opens from here then please copy it and open it by pasting the link in Safari Browser of your Apple Device.
  • Now you are also required to download the Debian Package of APT which you downloaded in Method 1.
  • Again please launch Filza Escaped File Manager and copy the above two files to the root (/) folder.
  • Now just next to the script file you will see an ‘i’ icon. Tap on it. Once you tap it; please scroll down, click on Sticky and change the permissions of this file to 0777.
  • Please click the fix.sh shell script to run it.
  • Post running of the script you are required to delete both the files which you copied to Filza from the first two points of this method.
  • Great! When you are done with this you will find that Cydia will start working as normal.

You can easily install the most amazing 3rd party app installer called AppValley. Read More: Download and Install AppValley on iOS 11/ iOS 12 without Jailbreak [iPhone/iPad].

Now you must be thinking about a way to protect Cydia from updates released by Saurik. We are going to tell you the same below. Have a look.

Method to Safeguard Cydia From Saurik’s Updates

  • Please launch Cydia and navigate to the Installed section.
  • Here you will see APT 0.7 Strict (lib) package.
  • Click on it and select the option of Change Packet Settings.


  • Please enable the option of ‘Ignore Upgrades.’

Great! Now no future updates from Saurik or anybody else will bother you. Continue experiencing your jailbroken iOS device without any sort of interference or issue.

Conclusion: Fix Sub-process returned an error code (100) in Electra iOS 11.1.2/11.2 Jailbreak

You might be having some questions to ask. Please don’t hesitate to ask by dropping the same in comments section below. You can also ask us about any problem which you might face while using the above mentioned methods.

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