Tranzlo – A life Savior Translate Tweak [Chatting with Foreigners]

If you are chatting with a foreigner, in their native language, over messenger apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, or Flex, you must be going through the hassle of switching back and forth between translation apps and the messenger app. In this post, we are going to tell you about Tranzlo – Translate Tweak that will make chatting in different languages a hassle-free experience for you.

Tranzlo Translate Tweak Auto Translates Texts/Chats Into Different Languages

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Developed by iOS developer MiRO92, Tranzlo allows you to chat in any language that you want without switching between translating applications or going through any additional steps. The coolest part is that Tranzlo supports WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and even Flex.

Tranzlo – Translate Tweak | Primary Features

The primary features of Tranzlo can be mentioned under three categories viz incoming messages, outgoing messages, and text selection. Check out the same below.

Outgoing Messages


  • The tweak auto-translates your message after you hit the Send button.
  • You can set up an option that tweak will ask you whether you wish to translate the message before sending.
  • Long-press the Send button to awaken the Settings for the Tranzlo tweak.
Incoming Messages


  • You can translate the incoming messages by hitting the translate button present next to the chat callout.
  • You can select whether you wish to see translate results as Toast Message or Alert.
  • Again, you can long-press the Translate button to awaken the Settings.
Text Selection


  • Simply select the desired text and Translate buttons will come up to translate the same into different languages.
  • You can see translation results as Toast Message or Alert.
  • You can add up to 10 translate buttons with each translating to a different language.

As you can see from the features above, the Tranzlo tweak is loaded with features making chatting in different languages effortless and smooth.

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Download Tranzlo Tweak on iOS [iOS 13-14]

You can download and install the tweak on a jailbroken iOS device, running on iOS 13 or iOS 14 from the developer’s repo using the package manager of your choice whether it is Cydia, Zebra, or Sileo. Another coolest thing about the tweak is that it is absolutely free to download, install, and use.

Tranzlo v2.0 [UPDATE]:

You can get the repo from here:


  • Added Tinder app support.
  • Added Line app.
  • Changed the SDK to another version so it won’t cause bootloop when CallBar XS installed.
  • Initial support for iOS 12 added.
  • Removed Text Selection Buttons.
  • Small bug fixes and added a lot of improvements.Tranzlo Tweak Install on iOS

[UPDATE] – Tranzlo V 1.0.2 Out

The latest Tranzlo v1.0.2 incorporates a few fixes for the issues that were reported by the users.

  • Translation results not showing up for some users [Fixed].
  • Some users were experiencing freeze [Fixed].
  • Post installation crashing is also fixed.

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[UPDATE] – Tranzlo V 1.1 Released

As stated by the developer, Instagram support is already present in Tranzlo, but since he’s working to fix some issues, he had to disable the same in the initial release. However, Tranzlo v 1.1 is finally out with Instagram support. Check out the changelog below.

  • Both Messages and Instagram applications are added to the list of supported apps.
  • Haptic Feedback is a part of the package now.
  • Quick settings menu now covers the Settings for Translate Mode.

[UPDATE] – Tranzlo V 1.2 Now Supports Reddit

The developer of Tranzlo is quick to respond to user’s suggestions and making the same a part of the subsequent releases. The release of Tranzlo v1.2 with Reddit support acknowledges this statement. Check out the changelog below.

  • The platform supports Reddit app now.
  • Tranzlo can help you now to translate tweets and reply on the Twitter application.
  • WhatsApp Business app is completely supported now.
  • Translated text from the toast message can be copied through long-pressing.
  • Freezing issue for some users is fixed now as the developer removed Rocket Bootstrap dependency.
  • Landscape orientation on iPad was causing an issue with alerts. The same is fixed now.

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[UPDATE] – Tranzlo V 1.3 Now Supports Telegram

Tranzlo is quickly becoming the hot favorite as a translation app for jailbroken users. With Tranzlo V 1.3, the platform now supports Telegram as well covering almost all the popular social messenger applications. Check out the changelog below.

  • Telegram support is present.
  • You can set an option that will ask you to review the translated text before sending it.
  • WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are separate in Settings now.

[UPDATE] – Tranzlo V 3.0.5 [Now with Snapper 2 Support]

In the latest update, Tranzlo now supports notifications and comes with Snapper 2 compatibility. Moreover, you can disable the long press on the Send button in the messages app making Tranzlo more convenient and effortless to deal with. Apart from these, following are some of the fixes made in the latest version.

  • Resolved Duplicate icons on Safari Browser in iPad.
  • Resolved small icon issue in Safari Browser.
  • Hebrew localization update.
  • Settings pane is much more organized now than before.

[Update] – Tranzlo v 3.1 comes with Tweak Translations

With the latest Tranzlo v 3.1, you can translate the settings of an installed tweak into a language you are comfortable in. This feature comes in handy when the released tweak is in a language that you really don’t understand and you cannot wait for the developer to release a language update for the same.

Please note that the latest version of Tranzlo does not support iOS 12. Going by the words of the developer, the Tweak Translation feature will work with most of the tweaks that are out there.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Is Tranzlo available on iOS 12?

The developer has said that post making sure that there are no issues on iOS 13-14; he will release the same for iOS 12.

Does Tranzlo supports LINE and Telegram?

Support for LINE and Telegram will be added in the subsequent updates. (Telegram support is a part now of Tranzlo v 1.3)

Does Tranzlo supports Instagram?

Instagram support is added by the developer. However, he has to disable the same due to some issues; post fixing the same; it will be re-enabled in the next update. (Instagram support is a part now of Tranzlo v 1.1)

Does Tranzlo supports iOS 12.4?

The support for iOS 12.4 will be added soon.

Final Words – Translate your Texts Automatically into Foreign Languages with Tranzlo

That was all regarding the amazing Tranzlo – Translate Tweak. If you face any kind of issues while using the tweak or have any questions to ask, please feel free to put them down in the comments section provided below.

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Thank You.


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